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How to use Amazon Video Direct - Tutorial

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  • How to use Amazon Video Direct - Tutorial

    Hey guys, today we recorded a cool video on how to access and use Amazon Video Direct to upload and sell/monetize your film in the Amazon ecosystem.

    Take a peak:
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    I watched 3 minutes of it.

    I watched the video at YouTube so that I could make it full screen and HD, and even then the text you are pointing out on your screen is so tiny it is not legible on my 13" macbook Pro. You could zoom in in editing to make it big enough to read.

    It does not sound like you had an outline to go by for your presentation. It sounds like you decided to do a tutorial on the fly. I don't think you did but that is how it sounds.

    There are constant verbal pauses, and this is why I had to stop it at 3 minutes.

    It sounds like, and looks like (if that is your account) you have a lot of experience with it and thus really know the particulars well. However, this does not come across in the video and it seems like you are trying to recall everything rather than presenting what you know well. I am sure you know the information well, it is just not being presented as well as you know it.

    You may want to organize the presentation in written form, like an outline, to reference as you record the presentation. This will put an order to everything so you don't have to hunt for where to go or what to talk about next.

    Knowing how you are going to present it will help reduce the verbal pauses. Also, I found I have to consciously be mindful of my own verbal pauses when I am doing something addressing the camera.



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      Ha! OK, well its not actually me who did the voice - I will pass these notes to the person who created the video :)

      He didn't feel very comfortable doing the voice himself but I convinced him to do it, so I have to give him credit for that.
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        Ah, I see. Yeah, if people are not comfortable being recorded it may be best to find someone else. It isn't for everyone, and probably most people feel uncomfortable speaking like that.

        In 10th grade I had 2 Oral Communications classes that gave me experience speaking, and I got good coaching. What I feel is the biggest thing when public speaking is the verbal pause. Most people are not aware of them. In our generation it is the "uuhhh." In the newer generation, they have a problem with stating something and being held to it. For this reason we get the over use of the word "like," because if they use this non-commital term they feel like they cannot be held accountable for what they are saying. It's like, you know, when people are, like, trying to say something and they, like, don't know if other people will, like, disagree with them, and that might, like, cause an argument, they are less likely to, like, say something that sounds like they are committed to it 100%. ;)