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Do I Need to Get My Film on iTunes?

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  • Do I Need to Get My Film on iTunes?

    Hey there,

    I've just completed my first feature and have an offer from a sales agent, who charge an upfront fee. I am considering going with them, as they seem to offer the best chance of securing distribution, which would hopefully mean greater physical sales and listing on itunes (which I've read would result in significant expense going through an aggregator if I went it alone).

    I am concerned though that in the current climate very few people will actually be buying physical media in six months and if being on itunes (and other similar platforms) will result in substantial sales, since we did not have a theatrical release and I imagine it will not be particularly visible.

    From my initial research it seemed to make the most sense to try to get distribution but now I am not so sure if I should just cut my losses with the project, go DIY and just sell digital and physical media directly from the project's website. If working with a sales agent I would still be able to do this anyway but am not sure if the expense of trying to secure a distribution deal, primarily for DVD distribution and a listing on itunes etc is worth it.

    Any thoughts are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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      First, a sales agent shouldn't be charging you anything. They get a cut of what you sell. Second, I think DVDs will be minimal at best unless you have name actors or some type of heat behind your project. At this point, I'm not even considering DVD sales for my upcoming feature projects. It just isn't worth the hassle compared to iTunes and Amazon. If you want to sell from your website, go ahead. Last time I had DVDs made, I needed to do a thousand run. Now I have three hundred of them sitting in my closet. In fact, I'm foregoing iTunes and just going with Amazon until I see the need. Third, look to Distribber.


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        Agreed with the posts above - I've worked with Distribber on my first feature ("Surviving Family") and have been very happy with them.
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