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  • Place to sell your web series online

    [Update] April 10th 2015

    CineVolt is now free - You only pay for bandwidth, filmmaker keeps 100% of revenue with no monthly fees. To help with calculating the bandwidth costs we have created a basic calculator so you can see what your web series would cost to sell online -->

    I had to created a different thread for this one, but I forgot to mention that CineVolt will soon allow you to sell your web series by season or individual episodes.

    You can upload your season artwork, upload individual episode artwork, set a season price, set individual episode prices, its a dream come true if your looking for something like iTunes to sell your TV-Show or Web Series all without the costs to deliver to iTunes which costs tens of thousands of dollars.

    Large platforms will cost between $600 to $900 per episode, share between 30%-50% and chances are you will still have to share the link of your film, with CineVolt we charge $10 per episode, you keep 100% of revenue. Its a subscription model, so it will be between $15.99 to $69.99 per month depending on how many seasons, you can cancel at anytime.

    So if your looking to sell your web series online, look no further CineVolt is here!

    [PS] Oh and you still get the live reporting, and engagement graph per episode!
    Distribber - Keep 100% of your film's revenue

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    Very nice fascility.

    How are webseries selling? Do people buy webseries? Whatwith all the free everything you can find online from webseries to hollywood blockbusters to cat videos.

    I do a webseries but I cannot fathom the episodes selling one by one. Note though I don't know anything about selling a webseries, or if webseries can actually be sold.