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Can't Get Trailer For My Amazon Instant Video Title - Help Nick!

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  • Can't Get Trailer For My Amazon Instant Video Title - Help Nick!

    I've posted my movie Outcall (2014) using Createspace onto Amazon's Instant Video. It's currently available as a VOD, and I have been getting sales. The problem is that there is NO accompanying trailer. I've contacted Createspace and Amazon, and neither can tell me how to get a trailer onto the landing page. The answers I've received have been "that function is currently not available" and I need to contact Amazon to get the trailer up but can't find the right contact email or number. Createspace has a 2MB preview option, but I can't get the trailer that small. Some VOD titles have trailers. Others don't.

    The other bit of pertinent information is that I had to submit to Createspace a couple of times to get it right. On my member dashboard, there is a DVD symbol that indicates that title is active. There is also a VOD symbol stating that the title has been submitted but not active and has a different id number from the DVD version. This was four months ago.

    I remember my other title Geek Mythology had a trailer but no longer has one. Nick or anyone, can you tell what's going on or what do?

    Thanks! Phil

    PS - I didn't go with Distribber because I didn't feel I could get the sound into proper shape to pass quality control.

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    I used createspace. If I remember correctly, I never got a trailer on there. Eventually the dimwits posted the first few minutes that were not X-rated. Which meant it was a driving shot with the radio on. I'm not sure if you can supply a trailer. I think they make it themselves more as a preview.

    Createspace was a pain in the ass. But, while it was up, I did get a few checks. Small ones of course. But, it was still free money.