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"Surviving Family" on iTunes AND my review of Distribber

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  • "Surviving Family" on iTunes AND my review of Distribber

    I'm delighted to announce that my feature Surviving Family will be released on iTunes on August 15! You can see a bit about the movie at
    I very much hope that you'll all watch it.

    This is also the perfect time for my review of Distribber:

    My experience with using Distribber for my feature film Surviving Family can be summed up in one word: great.
    I had several distribution options available when we finished the festival run; I picked Distribber because (1) their contract offered me as the producer a higher percentage of the receipts and (2) I really felt that they wanted the movie. While Iím sure that the first point will be (very) important in the long run, itís the 2nd point that I want to focus on at the moment.

    Nick Soares and his team have been incredibly supportive and responsive. The process of getting a low budget indie on iTunes is not an easy one, and I would not have succeeded without the assistance of Distribber. Not only have they done everything possible to make sure that Surviving Family meets the quality standards, theyíve also kept me informed every step of the way. My questions and concerns have been answered quickly, courteously, and informatively.

    I highly recommend Distribber.
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    Thank you Mara for showing your support for Distribber 2.0
    Distribber - Keep 100% of your film's revenue


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      As of today, Surviving Family is now available on iTunes in Germany and Austria with German sub-titles!
      I'm especially happy about this because our director, Laura Thies, is German and has just completed her 2nd feature ("Schattenwald").

      We're now on iTunes in the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Germany, and Austria; I'll be adding more countries over the next few months.

      And yes, the good folks at Distribber were very helpful in getting this done :)
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        I don't watch streaming films. But, if you ever want to trade DVDs I'd go for that.


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          Surviving Family is also available for sale on DVD in the US only; click the link to the website to purchase:

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            Where do I start? Well I guess I could start with that I am glad I am not in that family. With the exception of Steve, they are all effed up. I would love to go into all my thoughts on the story but that would be a spoiler for those who haven't seen the film. I will say the end left me disappointed. Not in the film but disappointed in Terry.

            As far as the cinematography goes, I loved it. I don't know what camera was used but it certainly has the film look. The lighting was spot on. The sets were well designed and it appeared as if all the colors in each scene were designed into the scene and not just what was available on the locations obtained for the shoot. I particularly loved the shot of Lily sitting in the bath tub while Terry was getting dressed. That shot was so well designed and framed, I just hope I can do that one day. The forum members should watch this film.


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              THANK YOU Mick! Both for watching and for your kind comments.
              BTW the bathtub scene was a very last-minute edition - the very kind friend who lent me her house was having major work done and the tub was in the bedroom pending installation, so we decided to take use it. I love that shot too.

              The family - pretty awful, yup. It's NOT a true story, but chunks of it were inspired by my mom's family and my best friend's family.

              The movie was shot on the Red One camera - our cinematographer (Tim Naylor) was excellent and worked very well with our director (Laura Thies). They did indeed have a clear plan for each shot; the locations were thoroughly scouted before they planned out their shot list.

              I also need to give credit to our color correction team, who did a great job.

              As far as the ending goes...I felt that it was more realistic than any of the other options that we discussed. Also, I wanted something that would stay with people after they watched it, in a way that "happily ever after" just doesn't.

              Thanks again for watching - I really appreciate it.
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