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    Hello all,

    Could you all lend your knowledge of a list of reputable distributers? Mid level and lower level as we have no stars in our film. Anybody have any opinions on Osiris?


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    The company that owns this forum, DiGi Distribution


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      What EricTheMan said .
      Screenwriter and script consultant:


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        Thank you, I read about Digi Distribution and that is definitely an option. If anybody has any opinions on Osiris, or some other low to mid-level established companies as well, we would appreciate the feedback on them too.


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          Distribber is also owned by Nick, the owner of this forum (and DiGi)



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            1. Since Digi Distribution bought Distriberr, what is the value in going through them rather than just going to Distribber directly?
            2. Are they able to deliver on as many platforms as a traditional distribution company if your goal is more to be seen and get your movie out there than to make money?
            3. Do they have the same ability with direct VOD deals, and managing getting your film actually visible on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other subscription services?


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              1 - DiGi, (I could be wrong) but you don't have to pay the fee. They will pay the fee for you and take a percentage but offer a gross receipt contract instead of a net contract. I do believe they curate their films though while distribber does not?

              2 think Distribber added Redbox because of DiGi's contract with them, again could be wrong would be nice if nick can confirm

              3 I have no clue

              I will PM nick to see if he can hop on but i dont have a direct contact


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                I would love to hear from Nick. :)