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  • Social Media and Indie Film

    I'm curious on people thoughts about the future of distributing films through Social Media websites such as Twitter and Facebook.

    With Media continuing to shift and move outside of the theatres and more onto mobile devices, will it be a time where you can watch a popular movie at your local theatre and simultaneously on Facebook?

    I recently released my film Writer's Block and was having issues on how to distribute it. Then I found a website that would store my film, and embed it on on the Facebook Fan page through a "webshop" for me. Then another website that would do the same thing,, but actually encourage the viewers to share the film for a percentage of the sale profit (Affilate sales). I know VODs are nothing new..But how about a VOD program that allows you to keep 90% to 97% of the profit made whether it was streaming, or DVD. I think we may have enter a new frontier on Indie Film. It has only been available for 4 days, and I had more downloads than expected, and the amount of shares I have gotten through it's twitter account is way more than I thought it would be. At this rate I'm rethinking the whole push to getting a theatrical release of my next project, and thinking not only could this be a way to distribute, but a awesome business model. To Partner up with filmmakers and sell their films collectively through a webshop with facebook could be a lucrative business don't you think?


    Writer's Block | Facebook

    Writer's Block (2012) - IMDb

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    I'll be interested to hear how well you do, monetarily. The rules are being rewritten as we speak. 'Round and 'round and 'round she goes, where she stops nobody knows.
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      Well I already had over 400 downloads so I already made back my budget. The rules are definitely being rewritten


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        I am reserving this spot to come back and EDIT, - I have read the post but am currently focused on editing a film right now but I am very excited to share some ideas with you
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          =) Can't wait.