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  • Quiver Digital Review

    What is Quiver?

    Quiver is a digital distribution platform that basically copies the same idea of Distribber. So I decided to check them out and try there services. Below you will find my review of Quiver film distribution services.

    As mentioned above, Quiver is a basic copycat of Distribber and it can get your film onto iTunes and Amazon (Amazon anyone can do themselves) and they are supposed to manage the sales and reports for you. So after trying to submit on Distribber for a few weeks but it was closed from submissions while Indiegogo was upgrading their service I heard from someone that the guys that helped with Distribber had started their own company just like Distribber, so I thought "Sure why not" (Big Mistake *you can find out more as you read)
    So simply put I will start this review of quiver out just like anyone else would!

    Below is the review I found on a blog, this person was complaining about the site being down and someone from Quiver was getting upset saying they are just doing upgrades, anyway I am glad I copied the review because it was taken down.

    The Review of Quiver Digital

    • Review of Quiver Digital #1

    • The submission part of my film was quite easy and pleasant. It was very easy for them to take my money :)

    • Review of Quiver Digital #2

    • After paying nearly $3,000 for the services I had yet to heard ANYthing at all from anyone at the "Quiver" offices. Finally after I stopped attempting to email them I decided to call them. I got someone at the end of the phone! Yay! She sounded very sweet and she won me over be asking me to be a little more patient, no problem I told myself. Two more weeks go by and I finally get an email saying my film is live on iTunes! *WHAT!* I was pissed off that they would just upload it to iTunes and not have the odacity to let me know so I can let my fans know it was live on iTunes!

    • Review of Quiver Digital #3

    • My film has been live for 3 months, no reporting... I was supposed to have access to via the stats but Quiver never responded to my hundred emails saying that my username was not working. My film was live on iTunes and I felt completely helpless. So far the only thing going for this company was the beautiful lady I was able to speak to on the phone. All I can think was that this distribution service for feature films really sucks, I mean sucks. I was actually getting pretty upset with Indiegogo for not being quicker to update Distribber and in a way blamed them for what was happening to me over at Quiver distribution services!

    • Review of Quiver Digital #4

    • I give up, I have asked for a refund by no refund has been given.

    • Recap:

    • I warn all indie filmmakers looking for distribution out there, wait for something good, I was but I just was impatient. Quiver is I guess ran by someone named Eric who used to work at iTunes, that is why he has this deal with them (I am guessing so don't quote me) and it really makes Apple iTunes look bad. Thank goodness I am a PC fan. And thank you Mr. Eric for not caring about the little guys.

    • If you still dare to try this horrid company be my guest, there website is as follows
    So yea, after check up of some history via LinkedIn, it seems whoever wrote this was pretty spot on.

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    Quiver is a ripoff and should be on the Ripoff report

    I used Quiver to get my film on Amazon. Shortly after I found that I could have done this myself, Quiver could of had the decency to let me know I can use to get it up myself for free. The bottom line is I was clear that whoever wrote that review got scared because it is gone off that blog and I think that there was some bullying going on. Number one, its not right to take Distribber's idea even if distribber was struggling, number two if your going to do it then do it better not worse, on top of that Quiver is run by the same idiots at Premeire Digital and I think ^If i recall correctly in the begining^ that distribber used Premiere because thats where i sent my HD and Premire lost it...


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      Originally posted by Unregistered View Post
      I used Quiver to get my film on Amazon. Shortly after I found that I could have done this myself, Quiver could of had the decency to let me know I can use to get it up myself for free. The bottom line is I was clear that whoever wrote that review got scared because it is gone off that blog and I think that there was some bullying going on. Number one, its not right to take Distribber's idea even if distribber was struggling, number two if your going to do it then do it better not worse

      My name is Chase, and I am the General Manager at Quiver. Quiver has gone through a lot of transitions over the past year, and continues to do so now, but I thought I would take the time to answer some questions and concerns that have been brought up largely through anonymous forum posts. I would love nothing more than to shoot down these rumors and misconceptions. Unfortunately, I can't do that. Some of what has been mentioned around the web and on this very blog is disappointingly true. Others, ludicrously false. Most of it falls somewhere in a gray area that has more to do with misunderstanding, exaggeration, and omission of factual information. Our goal at Quiver is to provide a tool in the filmmaker's arsenal that they can choose to use, and the knowledge of what that entails, so we will continue to build our services and educational resources to fulfill this goal. Being burned on a distribution deal after the long and hard fought battle that is making a film is one of the worst experiences a content creator can ever experience. We are working hard to ensure that with Quiver, you are getting what you ask for, or the education to make the right choice. On that end, I urge anyone with any questions or concerns to reach out to our client services department at info at quiverdigital dot com, or to me personally at Chase at quiverdigital dot com so that we can help you determine the choice that you should make. Quiver isn't the right fit for everyone, and there have been plenty of problems in the past. We have been working to rectify these issues and improve the experience for all. With that said, feel free to post questions here and I will be happy to respond as well. Now, to get started, I'd like to address some of the previously stated concerns:

      Bullying: Nope, we don't do that. As I previously reached out to Jimmy, I would love to know who wrote that blog post so that I could personally reach out to them and make sure they are taken care of. The good way. Not the bad way. Come on people, we're lowly digital distributors, not the mob...anyway, I hope they took that blog post down because their concerns were met, money refunded, etc. But if anybody has any further information, please let me know.

      Amazon: Yes, you can utilize Createspace yourself and save some money. We advise this to anyone who reaches out to us currently about the Amazon platform. Some people don't want to go through the hassle of handling this themselves, and ask us to provide distribution to the platform in addition to other platforms, in which case we are happy to oblige. We also generally advise against Amazon as a "primary" platform for distribution, as there is typically less sales performance than other platforms. Something Quiver currently provides that distributing through Createspace on your own doesn't allow is (optional) inclusion in the Amazon Prime streaming service, as well as HD submission to the Amazon platform.

      Refunds: If what you ordered or purchased has not been carried out, ask us straight up for a refund. It's as simple as that. We will handle it, and we'll do it quickly. In the past, Quiver didn't require payment until successful delivery of content to all the platforms had occurred. And you know what happened? The real crux of the Quiver problem can be made evident here; we were jilted on payments. Not everyone, not all filmmakers or clients, but we were often never paid for the content that we distributed. So something happened; the priority of independent filmmakers and content owners slipped. Focus was held by those who paid consistently, and consistently provided us with the materials we needed: the studios. This devolved into a number of problems, and we recognized that. And we decided to change that, and give the filmmakers back the focus they deserved. This is the point at which I became a part of Quiver, something we dub in the office as "Quiver 2.0"

      Distribber: I'm sure those of you who are in the know can discover the actual differences between Quiver and Distribber fairly quickly, and if you need us or Distribber to point it out, please feel free to contact us independently. But for the purposes of this post, I'll lay out clearly that Distribber and Quiver offer varying services, some of which directly competing, others complimentary, and some of which are exclusive to each company, that you should analyze and choose one, both, or neither of the two companies based on your content's distribution strategy. Quiver is not a carbon copy of Distribber, and we've actually been around roughly the same length of time, just with a different focus, as mentioned above. But investigate for yourself to find out if we can offer the services you need, or if we can refer one of our competitors. We'll be adding such information to our site in the future!

      Quiver 2.0: What is that? I did mention it earlier, didn't I? This is a name we used to throw around the office, but basically it's the new iteration of Quiver in which, under new direction, we're cleaning up the old issues, launched a website where orders can be placed, give access to a financial portal where sales can be monitored for participating platforms, adding educational resources, and more! We're constantly adding new features, automating more of our process, lessening costs, and so on.

      Final Thoughts: Most of the feedback we receive is generally positive. Why? I would suppose any unhappy clients would just as soon leave without ever contacting us again. Fair enough. But since the launch of our new site, and transitioning focus to our independent clients, I believe the satisfactory ratings from our clients are going up. The previous reviews, if legitimate (which I'm not doubting), sound indicative of an earlier iteration of the Quiver brand, one that lacked the tuning and care necessary to justifiably represent itself as a part of the independent filmmaker's toolset. We are changing that. We have changed that. And we'll continue to keep changing until there's nothing left to change and everybody in independent film uses us and has no qualms with anything we're providing........ha, lofty goals, am I right? In the meantime, I will ask of everyone who may have taken time to read this lengthy post two things:

      1) Please be fair. If we've provided the absolute worst service in the world with no responses and we stole your money (somehow) and we are the reason for the failure of your film and you did everything perfectly without issue and your movie is amazing blah blah blah blah blah (this is how we often see complaints, rambling on and on...not too fun to read, even if you agree, is it?) then absolutely destroy us in your review. That sounds entirely like it is our fault. Expose us. Let the world know. But if you're mad because we provided our services and delivered your films (which, in the posts above, sounds like the case) and you didn't take something into account, such as your film going live on the date you indicated, or your film generating no revenue because you didn't plan a marketing campaign, or the platform you wanted didn't accept your pitch, fair in your review. Because I'll say this, the perfect client is few and far between, and we do a lot for our clients. But we may be the only option for some people, and in many circumstances we truly believe we are the best. And some of these comments or reviews may force someone's decision to give up rights to their film because they simply weren't being truly fair. And I'd hate to see filmmakers suffer because of that.

      2) Please educate yourselves. This is not a dis or a slam or implying you don't know anything. And this isn't even to benefit us, though it likely would. This is to benefit you. We don't want to see you or your film suffer. We want you all to succeed. To make the money you deserve for the enormous amount of effort that you've put into your craft. We want to help and educate you as much as possible, but we could be wrong, or the information we have may not be best suited to you or your content type. Take what we give you and ask questions, research answers, find competing arguments, etc. If you take everything at face value, you're only doing a disservice to yourself. Maybe you can find a better deal? Maybe you can find a "newer" and more relevant answer that better fit your circumstances? Ask these types of questions to better inform yourself and your future decisions. And remember, we just want to be a tool in your arsenal. We are here to help.

      Thanks for taking the time to read this,

      Chase at quiverdigital dot com

      P.S. - Remember to start looking into distribution during pre-production!!!
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        As a side note, both reviews 1 and 3 mentioned the very nice woman in the office. Hats off to her - who's hiring her away ? (Kidding...)
        Screenwriter and script consultant:


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          :-) Good call, and that would be our amazing co-worker Jodi, who has since moved onto new projects within our parent company. She's still around, and if you come in with a large library of content, you'll likely be speaking with her. *hint hint*


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            Originally posted by Nick Soares View Post
            Jimmy, your post is confusing. Did you use Quiver, or did you find a review?

            Non the less everyone please keep kind here I dont want to bann people like I had to do over at the distribber topic for cursing at each other. Many time I was tempted to close the thread. And Chase, thanks for coming on and being so professional, that says alot!
            No, I did not. I will wrap it in quotes though so its clear


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              Where did my last two replies go?
              I deleted them because until you can find a source there is no need to act like that, you should know by now I don't allow that stuff here.
              Distribber - Keep 100% of your film's revenue


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                How about we flip this thread around a bit? If anybody has any questions about Quiver or digital distribution in general, let me know and I'll be happy to provide any info I have!
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                  I can give a recent review of Quiver.

                  I used their web page to upload my film, trailer, CC file, movie poster, etc. The power went off overnight while uploading the feature film, the last thing I attempted to upload. The web site has an auto continue function, and I continued to upload the film with no problems. Nice.

                  I paid for Amazon Prime/VOD and a pitch to Hulu.

                  I didn't hear back from Quiver about QC, so just out of curiosity, I contacted them twice over chat. The first time I was told it was still being processed. The second time, I was told it passed QC.

                  Date X was originally entered for the Amazon release date, but I used Quiver's chat function to ask if it was possible to change the release date of Amazon Prime/VOD, to be advanced a week ahead of schedule. I received a message that Quiver would contact Amazon to see if it was possible.

                  I didn't hear anything back, but when I went back into chat a few days later, I was told that, yes, Amazon had no problem with advancing the release date one week.

                  The film launched on Amazon Prime and Amazon VOD on the requested release date. But I noticed Amazon didn't have CC for the film, and they had a lower case letter for a word I wanted as an upper case letter for the title of the film (it was "A".) On launch day, I messaged Quiver to see if something could be done, and I was told over chat they'd contact Amazon to see what was going on.

                  THE NEXT DAY, the correction was made on Amazon, and CC was enabled. I know this because I checked the next day on Amazon myself. I didn't receive a message as to the status of the CC and title fix. In Quiver's defense for this instance, Amazon may not have told them anything after the request, Amazon may have just executed it.

                  So it appears Quiver definitely attempts to resolve issues and help, and they have delivered the product as advertised (at least so far with Amazon, Hulu pending their approval, and then Quiver's execution.) I just wish they'd get back to me over some issues as a courtesy to tell me an updated status. I will say, however, I do get emails of prior chats if I had to leave the chat, either as a record for me to have of the chat, or to conclude the chat with what I was asking for.

                  When my film was about to start it's Amazon launch, I noticed a nifty dashboard, to show sales. I have to wait a month to see what the film has done on Amazon, so I can't answer how well it works yet.

                  Some time this month, I'm supposed to be notified if the pitch to Hulu worked.

                  Overall review at this point...they've done what I've paid them to do so far. I used their web page chat to communicate with them, and there was ALWAYS someone there on chat to respond (during their business hours.) If you try to chat when they're closed, you can still leave a message, and they have gotten back to me during the next business day.


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                    It's been several months since I've had Quiver Digital put my film on Amazon Prime. It took three months to hear what I did for the first month the film was online for sales (Amazon has a 3 month delay, I originally thought it was one month.) Now I get monthly updates and I'm paid later in the month, every month. While it took some questions to be answered as to the status of everything to be satisfied, once the 3 month period began, it's like clockwork so far.


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                      Quiver review Quiver Digital review 2018

                      2018 Quiver review Quiver Digital review - Used them, suck badly, technology and even site and dashboard locks up and creeps as slowly as the staff and ‘customer support’ which you can’t even call it that. Emails just get tossed into a bucket for ‘someone’ to answer which is always days and you get different answers from different people and the bigger joke is it doesn’t match what they say on their site. They do make huge profits off your hard work and dreams of digital revenue, like charging $900 for captioning that you can get for $73 by other vendors that caption for Technicolor, and national network shows.

                      They try to rip you for everything and plain don’t give a crap about you and are too scared to get on the phone or answer detailed questions not just about tech but sales and marketing and info and processes of their – I hesitate to say ‘partners’ – iTunes, Amazon, Netflix etc. Suspect they just don’t want to expose that they really don’t know so many things that would be extremely helpful and often necessary for the filmmaker/producer customers.

                      They are owned by Premiere Digital which is an expensive post house in LA that logically bought or merged with them so they can get all the encoding money to prep your project for digital delivery to iTunes etc., and get your money they do. For work that does include India according to employees and google corporate info.

                      No surprise to see this quote from an employee on GlassdoorDotcom “Told by management in LA that Independent accounts were a priority but when pressing a team leader he was told to ignore our titles” (yes that means your film you’re paying them so much to handle) and that they have a “horrible client service ideology” hah so true, and that’s from an employee, not even a pissed off customer. Could only laugh when I read that in all the employee complaints about the company and “inexperienced execs.”

                      I’ve been a client at many small and major post and encoding houses for years and also dealt directly, not via Quiver or other aggregator, with iTunes, Netflix etc delivering indie and studio titles and can with no hesitation say Quiver sucks badly, doesn’t care, pays no attention to detail (which ends up costing you more precious time and money) so if you want to waste time and money, give ’em a call!

                      I wholeheartedly believe all the rest of the bad experiences strewn around the internet like the ones in this forum. Good luck to all trying to find what you deserve for what we pay.
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