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How much does an indie film make on itunes?

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  • How much does an indie film make on itunes?

    Hey guys, I am wondering how much does an indie film make on itunes?

    Hey guys, I have a friend that has a documentary about horror films. It is 88 minutes and he was thinking about getting it up onto itunes through Distribber. In the meantime while he waits for them to allow new submissions I was wondering if anyone has any expereince with iTunes and documentaries revenue? It is so hard to find these numbers online I am really hoping to get some help here.

    Thank you,

    Frank the Tank.

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    How much does a film make on iTunes?

    Hmm... depends on how you advertise the project, the quality of the film, and the fan-base you currently have. Can range from $0 to millions.


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      I know that was a very vaig question but I was hoping somebody had a little bit of information thanks anyways


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        I have friends who have songs on Itunes, and they don't really make any money of them. This is because they are not an established name yet. No one is really hearing their music a lot, and don't know to search for them. I think with every product you need to market it. In your friends case, there are a lot of horror based magazines that he could possibly place an add in. Not to mention the hundreds of Forums, go figure that he could show it to. Then there is all the social media. and don't pidgin hole yourself with only one digital distributor. I would try to get on with amazon, and a couple other smaller distributors.

        you will get what you put into it. This is especially true in marketing.


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          true, i think it doesn't matter where you sell it, but how you promote it. people need to know it is out there...
          will have to face similar thing soon, once post production is done for my film


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            The best way to put it is, if it's a good documentary it might make a few dollars. If it's not very good, very very little.

            When Us Sinners was first released it was the #1 downloaded serial killer horror flick on Amazon, and I did not see that much. It's still neat though. Beat out Psycho for a second. I think Psycho is still in the top ten. Us Sinners #7852


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              iTunes is a transactional platform. The more people to click "buy now" and transact, the more sales you make. You might find this article useful: How To Finance Movies With VOD Sales Projections


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                I am wondering how much does an indie film make on itunes?
                Not enough to justify paying that huge fee to get it up on iTunes. Stick with Amazon.