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Contacting and negociating with film Distributers

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  • Contacting and negociating with film Distributers

    So I'm writing a business plan and it's focus basically a theater specifically catering to horror. So my question is, how do you find out which distributors have the rights to certian films?

    For instance I've been searching hours for Night of the Living dead (90's version directed by Tom Savini) and have nothing to show for it. I've tried searching and searching but it seems to be a dead end search. The only film distributors I have been able to find were for independant films with hardly any merit.

    Also how much do distributors usually charge for use of their films? I hope this isn't an off topic thread(most people here seem to be directors and film makers than not) Most of the films I am looking for were made between 1978 and 2003. Does this affect price?

    However it's very important that I get these certian films as my theater needs them otherwise I'll be just another theater.

    Also I'd want to play independant films, are their any laws that state you have to go through distributors or can you purchase them outright from the creator?

    Any advice or information would be greatly appreciated.

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    So do you own a theater and want to play feature films there?

    If so, you will need to finish your business plan, make sure you can show how you will fill the theaters.

    Once your done with your plan, you will need to contact the theatrical department for each distributor, LionsGate, Universal, 20th Century FOX, etc.. and pitch to them that you want their films to show at your theater.

    You will also need to bare in mind that other surrounding movie theaters are a certain distance, this will have a big effect on what films you can get.

    let me know if this helps a bit and I can assist you more, or even get you in touch with the person that knows a lot more then me.
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      No theater yet. Working on my business plan for my Entrepreneurial Venture Class. have almost everything down, last thing is they want us to come up with exact costs of what it will take to build, monthly costs. etc.

      I've found a lot of estimates online on what it would take the last thing I need is the cost of films. I would mainly play older horror films, the only new movies I would play would be horror or Tarantino type stuff. My teacher is more and more convinced that my business plan could work but she says the most important thing is to get all the numbers in order and do the research.

      My theater is more than just a theater but I'd rather not get into my ideas as it's the only theater of its kind and I'm a bit selective as to who I can trust, I guess you can compare it to a theater/haunted house hybrid. But you have been a great help and I appreciate your advice.

      Also would you know if distributors give different prices depending on the theater? Just doing my research I'm becoming more convinced every day that this has a good chance of being successful, and I'm keeping in mind that the cinema is a dying industry.

      My business plan is almost complete like I said I'm just at the numbers phase and have already got my demo.

      Thank you again for the advice it has been very helpful


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        I have to run for now and only read a little of your reply. i am a bit confused, you don't pay for the films you split the profits with the distributor, ill be back in a bit.
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          Okay that would explain a lot. Thanks again!