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    Originally Posted by Dinozo

    Have you ever considered submitting your projects directly to youtube? Im curious as to how to turn a profit on videos through advertisements.

    When I put up the trailer for Dark Games, it got over two thousand hits within the first two weeks. Youtube contacted me about posting ads before the trailer and receiving payments from them. Of course, the product doesn't belong to me so I had to decline. I'm just wondering why indie directors aren't going this route. The annual money from youtube is enough to make it worth your while.

    Any thoughts?

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    Hey Dinozo,

    Youtube - The problem with youtube, is if you host a full length feature film on youtube (first have to get the right account for longer then 15 min videos) you loose all internet rights for distribution, and for indie filmmakers that is going to be a big chunk of there profit. Youtube uses "Google Adwords" to advertise in front of their video(features have in-movie advertising), which if someone clicks on pop up ad it can get the person hosting the video about .10c to $1 per click, sometimes lower. So you have to think about an average of 2-3% of people click on the ads in videos, so if you get 200,000 views of your feature film, your not going to make much for all of those people. THOUGH, our features usually migrate there when sales come to an almost complete stop, I believe Image Entertainment has my film "Cult" as a feature on youtube.
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