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  • Deliverables

    Hi everyone. I recently just heard about high costs for deliverables? From my understanding those include NTSC tapes , beta tapes etc. Do companies Nick listed like Maverick, grindstone, AWP require these deliverables? And if they do what do they need? Do these smaller companies just go off a DVD or do they need more ?

    This info just seems lacking anywhere I look online. Thanks for anyones time.

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    Yes, it is lacking.

    I wouldn't say, High High cost, we also do an export of an uncompressed HD file straight to a digi beta. But there are some steps I normally dont deal with myself, like TV safe brightness and all that stuff that is in a different department.

    My feature "A Brush With Death" was delivered at $300 -

    But, can get up into the tens of thousands for specific networks
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      I just saw Brush with Death on Netflix and if you managed $300 that is impressive because the movie seemed higher budget. Was that shot on Super 16? It looked like film but I couldnt tell. If you don't mind me asking.


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        Hahaha, thanks for that. No it was shot on the DVX-100 24p

        If you watch it im sure you will think differently about it :)

        I was always interested in making money in the film industry at the time so we shot it for 9K and turned a nice profit, if you look at the reviews you can see how people hate it, but the idea for me is to live off of making films and each film has gotten better and I am able to get more and more money for each film, I am now at the point where I have my next 4 completely funded and ready to go.

        Sorry about getting off track, but yes we didn't have to spend much for deliverables for that one.

        Nick Soares
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          I should probably answer your question a little better

          On average we spent $900 to $1,200 on deliverables -
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            The intro credits and opening scene of the characters driving looked filmic to me. Ive seen features shot on the DVX and they don't have that believable film look. In response to your goal in the business. Thats exactly what Im trying to do with my future in the film business. I want my own production company producing and making different projects. Thats good to know about deliverables so I can account for that in my budget.


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              Hey Nick, what else do you have on Netflix?