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  • DiGi Distribution Feature Film Contract

    Hey guys! Now that our Feature Film Distribution Company is nearly at full steam with both offices, I thought I could take some time and answer some questions that two filmmakers have asked. I will also be opening up a DiGi Distribution support section that will be its own forum section, like the "Lets Make A Movie" section.

    Glad to be back around here, after all technically this is DiGi Distribution's support forum!!!

    Ok so here was the question that came up twice.

    Why do you sign films on for 15 years? Isn't that long?


    Many indie distribution companies sign films on from 5 years to around 7 years. Some can sign films on for up to 30 years. Most "indie distribution companies" are really just representation to sell to distribution companies. For example, a filmmaker wanted to sign on with us but thought that 15 years was to long, so he signed on with another a company that we will refer to as the "distributor" that was offering a 5 year deal. We said, "Ok no problem, its your film." After the filmmaker signed on with the 5 year deal it ended up that the "distributor" submitted the film to us anyway, and we requested the contract they use to sign on films, everything was legal so we signed it on.
    How was this possible? This is where filmmakers really need to get educated. Just because the contract said 5 years or even 1 year, or even 6 MONTHS it doesn't mean that the filmmaker will get the rights back in 5 years etc.., this is called "brokering" and I can go into that later, but it basically means that the "distributor" has 5 years or 6 months to make sales, deals, etc.. for the film. So even though the contract will be end with the "distributor" after 5 years the filmmaker will be stuck with a "dead" film that has been sold to territories for 30-40 years and the filmmaker nor anyone else can ever sell it again until the "broker" deals have expired. The "distributor" in this case happen to know that we would do a great job selling the film, but now the "distributor" will get their money before the filmmaker.

    Our 15 year contract is what is needed to make the best deals within our time limit and nothing more, many times we make 5 years deals with territories, but 15 years tops. So in the end, when the rights go back to the filmmaker they know that they can now go and sell the rights again.... :)

    I hope that clears things up!
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    Great post Nick! DiGi Distribution seems like a strong option for indie filmmakers.

    Once we wrap up our film in August, I may be contacting you.


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      Awesome stuff Nick. Glad everything is going well.


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        Thanks for the great post Nick...especially since that's been on my own list of questions :)
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          Forgot to mention that when distributors come to us that we are normally contracted to not take a distributor credit. :(

          Just be assured that our services are open to filmmakers directly!
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            Thanks Nick, that was great! I'm looking foward to get my featured film, "Grandmother Baby Scam" set up with Digi!


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              Hey Nick

              The Grandmother Baby Scam is a featured 93 minute film, based on a true story, you got to check this one out!
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