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Richard Cooper and Wayne Wong of EBS World Entertainment

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  • Richard Cooper and Wayne Wong of EBS World Entertainment

    I wanted to share the terrible experience we've had with Richard Cooper and Wayne Wong of EBS World Entertainment. We signed a contract with them and they licensed our movie to New Video Group/Cinedigm. We never heard from them again and we haven't received any funds from exploitation of our movie. They disappeared, their emails and phones remain unanswered, they closed down their offices and no one knows how to locate them. It's been a nightmare and I'm sharing this as a warning for other filmmakers not to engage with them.


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    This happens so much in the indie film industry. This is such a bummer man, what was your film about? Whats is the name?

    Nick has warned people around here many times to be careful, and there is really nothing you can do with a "NET" contract. Maybe next time go with They actually own this forum and help out filmmakers alot.

    Anyway, thank you for warning us and be sure to do your best now to help other filmmakers avoid them, thank you!



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      Unfortunately, the reality is most likely that this distributor is not sitting on the beach somewhere enjoying the life of luxury but rather hiding from debts incurred from their endeavor. I've seen purchase orders from several companies that my distributor sold to and was shocked to see how few DVDs that my fellow filmmakers were selling. Not that I sold that many. I could be wrong, but I doubt it. And of course, you deserve whatever proceeds you are entitled to.

      Again, this post shows that being transparent is one of the most important things a distributor can do.


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        This has also all too often in the book publishing arena, especially with small, start up indie publishers. I successfully sued on publisher who reported I had only sold twenty copies when in actuality over 300 sold through Amazon alone in the reporting period. And the woman who owned the publishing house dfried poverty as she drove around in her Mercedes.
        Shawn Rohrbach MFA