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Is there a market for Spanish films?

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  • Is there a market for Spanish films?

    Is there a market for Spanish films with English subtitles? I am curious because I think it would be cool for me to have that kind of challenge. I am not sure how I would do a Spanish film but if there is a market for them I think I will go for it. And no I do not speak Spanish and that is what turns me on about the project, I really do enjoy challenges!

    If there is anyone here that can tell me if and where there is a chance to make a profit domestically and/or internationally then please let me know.

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    Hey charles im no expert but I really do believe the answer is YES. How will you do this? Have a translater?


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      Lots of Spanish films are made in Mexico, Spain, and other Spanish-speaking countries. You must be careful when translating anything from English to another language. I speak some Spanish, but mine is more like from the boonies. I can translate some words to English but my "choice" of words may not be correct. There's slang Spanish. Educated Spanish. Spanish differs from country to country. So first figure out which Spanish audience you are telling your story to, then from there, get the script translated.
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        Can anyone think of a reason why they wouldn't be?


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          I think you can find a market everywhere, really. As long as it is not only in Spanish , but shot as european film, with european kind of script. If you know what I mean :) I think there are communities of people that adore films like that. Like institute of contemporary arts in london.