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Are Film Distributors Cutting Your Profits?

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  • Are Film Distributors Cutting Your Profits?

    Pivotshare, an online media platform is here to revolutionize how filmmakers make money.

    We allow filmmakers such as yourself to upload content, customize a fully branded channel, and from there, choose from a few payment options. Pivotshare allows filmmakers to begin making the money that they deserve, dollar for dollar, and not have to sacrifice any external costs.

    Start your channel for FREE here at

    Here is an example of an award winning documentary that already utilized our platform:


    Albert Liao
    Sales & Marketing Intern
    albert[at] |

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    1: New member signs up. (thealbertliao)
    2: Posts once advertising pivotshare.
    3: Posts again advertising pivotshare.
    4: Posts again advertising pivotshare.



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      I apologize for making it sound like I am harming this forum by advertising Pivotshare. My motives were genuine in wanting to help filmmakers in making the money that they deserve.



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        Hi Albert,

        I'm a producer, and I would be interested in pivotshare. Why don't you discuss at length here? If it's valuable, I will gladly spread the word.

        Phil Hwang


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          Thanks for your support. I'd be glad to provide a short summary of who we are and what we do. For further inquiries, feel free to message me.

          Pivotshare is an online media platform that focuses on monetizing media content from anyone that has videos to sell. We give you full access to customize and brand the channel as your own. If you have a library of content, Pivotshare also has an option where you can create categories for your multiple videos. Example here:

          If you already have a pre-existing website, Pivotshare also has a embeddable player that allows you to stream your movie right from your website in the same high definition quality. Check out this award winning documentary whose utilized Pivotshare:

          Streaming wise, we have also developed the safest technologies to make sure your film doe not get downloaded illegally.

          We also provide a variety of payment options including a download, rent, and subscription or even a combination of any or all of the above. We have even implemented a free option with a "tip jar" function where your audience members can provide donations as a means to show support for your film.

          Again, we are here to help film makers make the money that they deserve. We cut out any external cost of selling DVD's or even using distribution companies to help bring about money for your film.

          Please message me with more questions Phil!