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    Anyone heard anything about They're basically an aggregator as well, who serves as the middle man between Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, etc. They're run by, which seems like someone you could trust, since they've helped so many indie films. Anyone had any luck with them, experiences, etc?

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    I have someone there in Bakersfield that uses them, and they are doing very well. I asked him why they don't post anything about it and what he said was kind of true, "I don't know I just don't think about it, I figure they did what they promised so why bother, and also Im not much into computer blogging, I make movies."

    I have heard that they were slow to pay, but that was Indiegogo's fault not distribbers. Better slow to pay then not getting paid like I have heard ever with companies like Lionsgate let alone other indie distributors that don't pay..

    Anyway, At first with any startup it takes some time to get rolling 100%.


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      Definitely already know about They're in business to make money, or they wouldn't be doing it. Kickstarter is great as well. However, with Kickstarter, if you don't meet your funds, you get nothing, although Kickstarter is more popular than indiegogo, so it depends on which route the person wants to chance. In in a smaller city, most Kickstarter campaigns over Indiegogo don't meet their goals here.

      As far as distribber, I've also checked into DiGi Distribution. They look cool as well. Distribber seems to have a better deal but I've researched the hell out of both companies and found both to be great but Distribber has lots of success storys, like FOOD MATTERS. I heard they are doing very well with Distribber. Love this site so far. Thanks for the feedback.


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        Reviews for any distribution company are few and far between. For example, American World Pictures has over 400 films distributed but you cannot find a review on them. It for some reason is just different in this industry, maybe its because you never know who can shut you out. What if someone did leave a bad review on AWP and someone at AWP just simply made a call and said dont take this guy or companies films, crazy huh....


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          Distribber is a great!