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  • Sell Your Work On Vimeo

    This was recently announced. I'll have to check it out. Sounds cool.

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    Wow, awesome.


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      Surprised this hasn't been done sooner; certainly gives no-budget indies like me a great option for distribution, which was the main issue for me with my upcoming short film.


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        Best thing Vimeo has ever done!


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          The principle behind the service is great but now that I've worked with it I have to say there are some drawbacks.

          First it's been pretty buggy so far.

          Second it costs $200

          Third right now their focus seems to be finding content providers rather then finding viewers. This makes fiscal sense for the time being however they're going to need to shift things to the point where the consumers are the main audience they're advertising to. If content creators don't turn profits they'll just let their accounts expire. Once that happens they won't be getting money from creators or viewers.


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            Just wanted to throw in another option for filmmakers who are low on budget but want their film to get monetized.

            Pivotshare is an online media platform that allows you fully customize and brand your own channel. Here, you can upload your videos and choose from different payment options. It is completely FREE to start and again, are here to make sure filmmakers make the money that they deserve.

            Check us out here at :

            Good luck!