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  • Have a completed feature for sale?

    Have a completed feature length film for sale?

    Let me know the rights still available..
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    I have a full length Christian/Faith Based Feature entitled "Fathers" that is still available. We have a deal on the table for distribution, but we have not signed just yet. Currently all rights are available in the USA, as well as internationally. Here is a link to the trailer for the film.

    Fathers Trailer 3 Short Compressed - YouTube

    Let me know if you would like more info.


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      I'd like to see more - i'll pm you my address for a screener


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        I have a 74 minute film that I completed back in September.
        Here's the trailer.
        Through The Same Lens - (Official Trailer) - YouTube


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          Dark Games/completed 35mm feature

          [ame=]Dark Games movie trailer - YouTube[/ame]

          Charles Hage


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            If the other investor will pass, Im interested to take a look at what you want for internet rights


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              James, I've been speaking with the director of Dark Games about marketing the film online and placing ads on thousands of various sites, including Booboo Stewart fansites, Twilight fanpages, Facebook pages and other indie film related sites.

              For some unknown reason, he's been very reluctant to this idea. I've done the research and know who, how and where to market this film directly. I've google searched Dark Games and there are literally over 900 sites that promote this film, the actors and the trailer (youtube). There is much money to be made with this film, but I can barely get Charles on the phone to discuss this marketing strategy. I'm very confused.

              The film is Twilight star's Booboo Stewart's first starring role and actor Jeff Conaway's last on screen performance before death. There has been much online publicity about the film considering that no one has actually seen it.

              What are your plans?


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                Dinozo, what rights are still available?


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                  Spear Films and Charles Hage own the rights to the film and no distribution of any kind has been obtained.


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                    Are you a friend or sales agent, what is your role - just so im clear?


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                      I would like to know your role as well,

                      [at] Chris, Ill jump in with you if its for the right price/

                      Nick Soares
                      Distribber - Keep 100% of your film's revenue


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                        My role is that I wrote the script, helped with casting and recommended Booboo for the lead. I helped promote Spear Films when they first got started in 04'. The director, Charles Hage, started the company with co-producer Ramon Sanchez. They are based out of Fullerton, CA. Just a couple of guys with some serious equipment and a passion to make it. They hired me off of craigslist and penned the script "The Utah Murder Project", helped promote it as "a true story" as this later got the attention of Amy Smart, Nicole Travolta, Gary Busey, Dee Wallace, Oz Perkins, Jeff Conaway, Blake Lively, just to name a few.

                        I helped get their name out and co-cast the project with Mr. Hage and Sanchez. Unfortunately, the funding fell through and they decided to do a film with half the budget. This was Dark Games. Basically, I'm keeping an ear out for possible distributors. As far as financial gain, I'm supposed to get something on the back end if and when this thing gets picked up. But it's been difficult getting him on the phone as of late.


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                          [at] nick, sounds good

                          [at] Dinozo, How easy would it be for you to mail a screener to me? I'd like to watch this before my next investor meeting on the 25th of this month



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                            From the amount he's spent on the film out of pocket I would think he would take no less than 700,000. But there is much interest in the film because of Booboo Stewarts involvement and his connection to Twilight. I think if he self promoted he'd make that much back in six months time just by targeting his fan base
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                              Call 714-231-9731 to request a screener from Charles Hage.
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