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    Some people do not know that I am the owner of DiGi Distribution, it is a VOD distribution company that can get your film onto iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, Cable VOD and more. Check some updates on DVD distribution below.

    It is my greatest pleasure to announce that DiGi Distribution now offers representation for DVD world wide. As the CEO of DiGi Distribution and Owner of Filmmaker Forum I have been non stop bugging my friends in the business to give my company the option to show our signed films to them. What do I mean by "buddies"? Over the last decade I have built connections, starting when I worked Universal studios and down the line from there. This was the hardest part of this company was getting approved to screen films my company feels can receive a DVD world wide deal. So FINALLY I can proudly say that DiGi Distribution can not only get your films in all VOD platforms, but my company can now take your films to some very big players in the DVD distribution world! Some of you know how protective I am of my members here, and my signed producers at DiGi, I only take your films to companies that I know as a fact are legit and pay their producers.

    What we currently Offer:

    VOD Distribution to US and Canada (ONLY)

    DVD Rep (World Wide)

    We offer marketing abilities to approved films, which include advertising your films on some major sites such as IMDB etc...

    We offer Press Releases of your film - we use PRweb and each film approved gets a $369 press release and such sites like Yahoo News just might pick up the story.

    And much more, but I have a few scripts to read so I have to go :p
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    Great update, Nick. I'm definitely keeping an eye on this.
    Screenwriter and script consultant:


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      Sweet Nick, yea I have seen you manage some threads where people have a script contest that charge $50 and say that LIONSGATE will read them... Its obvious not only from stuff like that, but you have a awesome support forum that you take the shirt off your back and help people. Much love to you buddy, much love.


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        [at] mara - Sounds good, I think your film is amazing and I would love to talk more

        [at] charles, wow that was really nice of you to say. Makes me feel that all of this is sooo worth it just from comments like that.
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          Im sure im not alone when I say that I will buy any movie you distribute for sure, you just got to let us know :0


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            Hey Paul, yes sir! We have a few films about to released on iTunes, and we will let everyone know how to get them in the Newsletter!

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              Thats awesome! Keep us in the loop :)