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  • Basement horror/supermicrobudget labels

    As a lifelong lover of microbudget I've followed the film making exploits of Trent Haaga, Henrique Couto, Chris Seaver et all. The early 2000's were truly a glorious time with JR Bookwalter's Tempe Home Video being the first to really go out and promote basement made horror shot on camcorders/VHS. This coupled with cameras getting better, cheaper and easier to edit from, caused mass oversaturation of the genre.

    Freak Productions is still with us as Henrique is back making movies but like Seaver, is a one man band and I don't know much about whether or not he distributes anyone else's projects.

    Tempe and their many subsidiary labels are simply selling old movies in their catalogue but JR does offer partnership distribution if you have completed films with DVD's made. It's greatly reduced but they are still in business.

    Sub Rossa Sinema aka SRS is really going strong with Chris Seaver and a few other filmmakers revitalizing the label in recent years. I've talked to them about future projects but so far I don't know what kind of terms they offer. They have a very diverse library of movies, (including a seriously awesome looking parody called Abducted By Daleks with naked girls sexing the Daleks!)

    If anyone knows of any more active basement companies feel free to post them here!