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Does anyone have experience with Hulu?

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  • Does anyone have experience with Hulu?

    Hi everyone,

    My feature film, The Dinner Date, which I shot and edited for less than $1000, has been accepted to Hulu.

    Unfortunately, Hulu requires the extremely expensive Errors & Omissions Insurance, which will cost me over 4x my entire film's budget.

    I'm trying to weigh up if it's worth the investment. Has anyone been accepted to Hulu and made a decent profit? I know Hulu splits the ad revenue profit 50/50 with the filmmaker.

    Any information is much appreciated!


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    Yup, E&O insurance can creep up last minute to squeeze more money out of you.

    Hulu keeps the views/impressions/clicks a closely guarded secret. So its hard to say.

    Do you have a social networking campaign going on - Twitter, Facebook?

    Its hard to get traffic on Hulu unless you are somewhere on the home page, or related link page, this is unless you have your own traffic to send there such as your fans that will watch it.

    Congrats on getting accepted by the way!

    I have a one question -

    Is it worth it to get on Hulu and not make your money back, to show you are on Hulu and to get the experience of possibly getting checks in the mail and learning the process?
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      Did you submit your film yourself or do you have a distributor?


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        Hi Nick,

        I've got a website and facebook fan page and been promoting for a while.

        I definitely think it's worthwhile (and a shame not to) get it on Hulu whether I make the money back or not. But as father supporting my wife and daughter and trying to buy a new house, $5000+ could really help with the down payment. What I may do is create a fundraiser via Indiegogo or Kickstarter to raise the funds to pay these final fees.

        I'm using Distribber as my aggregate to access Hulu.

        Thanks for the advice!



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          Gotcha, fund raising is a great idea, maybe do a flexible one on indiegogo? This way you get some money if you don't fully reach goal? Does Kickstarter have that option?

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