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Anybody that needs free music in their film! Girl Pow-R "Friends Click"

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  • Anybody that needs free music in their film! Girl Pow-R "Friends Click"

    Hello all:

    My name is Meshach Berry and I'm with an independent record label and artist management team called Canyon Entertainment Group.

    I'm reaching out to this community to offer our artists' music to be used in your upcoming advertisements. We're looking for creative ways to obtain exposure for their music. This is a free offer for you, so we don't require any kind of licensing to be done. The two artists are Girl Pow-R and Mauve.

    Girl Pow-R is a female pop rock group whose members range from 10 to 16 years old. If you are shooting a family-oriented project, their music would be great for you.

    Mauve, on the other hand, is more contemporary pop, R&B, EDM, kind of in the style of Selena Gomez.

    Any use of the music would need to be authorized through an agreement with their manager, Dawn Van Dam. The artists would need to be recognized in some form for their contributions to the advertisement, of course.

    If you are interested, then feel free to contact me! Help me help you!

    Here is the link to Girl Pow-R's song: "Friends Click". "Walked through the door, nervous for what’s in store. Chatting together, just to know you all more.We all hung out together, for the first time. Potential friendships I can see it in my mind."