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  • Cheap Music (Free Track Included)

    Hello film-makers! My name is Cody, I go by the stage name of Xite and I'm currently producing a bunch of electronic tracks spanning multiple genres (House, Drum n Bass and Dubstep).

    If any users here would like high quality music for their films/shorts for cheap, please don't hesitate to message me (I'm talking a few dollars for full permissions), I can also produce songs exclusively for your short for a negotiated price (no one else will use them).

    If dance music isn't your thing, don't worry! My knowledge spans more than just electronic genres, melodic orchestral pieces and rock instrumentals can also be done at a high quality.

    If you would like to listen to some of my tracks (free to download, but not licensed for film/tv), check my sites:

    Youtube: Cody Jones - YouTube
    Soundcloud: XiteOfficial's Spotlight page on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free

    My track Adrenaline will be free for anyone desperately requiring music for a film, you can download it here, (full permissions for free!).