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Looking for a Composer for a Short Action Film

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  • No Pay Job Looking for a Composer for a Short Action Film

    Hey guys, thanks all who showed interest, I've decided on a composer for this project but for any future films I'll be posting again in these forums. Thanks again

    Hi all,

    We've recently filmed a zero-budget short action film and we're looking for a composer to produce a score. Unfortunately due to the nature of the production, we won't be able to pay for any work done. Our normal composer does not specialise in action, which is why we're searching for another.

    Here is the first draft of the film with a temporary score taken from the 'Mad Max' soundtrack;

    And here is a link to the film without the temp score;

    Our channel is just starting out and the concept of the film is extremely basic but any help would be hugely appreciated. I'm still working on refining the edit, including sound design and visual effects so it is by no means a finished article.

    If you're interested and want any further details, my e-mail address is jacobacrow[at]

    Thanks in advance,
    -Jacob Crow
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    Hey all~

    I am a composer that is always seeking to add to my resume of works. I actually have some experience writing for action drama and horror (a couple couple of films that went to some festivals and did quite well for "independent").

    Any who, I'd love to throw my name into the hat. Below is a link to my site with some sample cues, reel of work, all that good stuff. If you think I can benefit your production, shoot me a message back!

    Cal McCarthy


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      Hi, thanks for getting back so quickly.

      Unfortunately we decided to go with another composer for this project, but for any future films I'll be posting in the forums again.

      Thanks again,
      -Jacob Crow