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  • Ia Erlandsson - composer

    Hi! Iím a composer looking for exciting new projects in need of musical scores. Scoring for film has been of great interest to me for many years, and quite a bit of my education has been focused towards that. I have several years of higher education in music, through which I have developed a personal musical expression as well as a wide skill set of tools and knowledge of the craft. If you want to hear some examples of my music please visit my SoundCloud or my website

    Please don't hesitate to contact me if you are interested in my music!
    Ia Erlandsson

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    I am also a composer, and just wanted to compliment you on your samples. I had some free time and just had a listen to them, you have a wonderful voice (thematically speaking). Have you ever composed for a film?


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      I have done composing for film as part of my studies, and would love to connect with other people to learn more about it:) Do you have a link to samples of your music?


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        That is fantastic! I have been writing for about 9 or 10 years now, and have had an avid passion for film music my entire life for the most part~ What sort of film music do you enjoy writing for the most part, and favorite composers?

        Yeah I have some cues on my site, give them a whirl!

        The newest one is one the reel of work page, I felt like giving an old cartoon show's intro theme a well deserved face lift (Captain Planet) haha~


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          I enjoy most of all orchestral scores. Favourite composers are Hans Zimmer, Howard Shore(who does not like mediant relationships:) ?)and Trevor Rabin, just to mention a few. I looked at your reel and I especially liked the music for The Farm Trailer, I found it very effective and contributing to the pictures! I personally find horror to be a very inspiring genre to compose for, the music simply has such an important part there.


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            Haha, I have always thought Howard Shore's music was a little different, just another flavor among-st the many. I'm particular to John Williams, James Horner, David Arnold, Jerry Goldsmith, David Newman lately~

            Trevor Rabin hasn't been in the spotlight much, I loved his score to Deep Blue Sea though, that had some horsepower behind it!

            Thanks for the feedback as well, it's always nice to hear what others think, helps the refining process out and such...yes horror is a great genre to score, I wish there were more projects in my area to lend my services to.

            Do you primarily work with digital software when you compose? DAW workstations? Or do you have the privilege and talent to use an orchestra?


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              I mainly work with VST instruments, currently Eastweast Composer Cloud, and Cubase as my DAW. However, I do have the luxury to work with a chamber orchestra, string quartets and other musicians as I’m currently studying for my bachelors degree:) That also means a lot of score writing in Finale. Are you using a DAW for your music? Listened to Deep Blue Sea soundtrack, I haven’t heard it before so thanks for the recommendation, it’s great! Do you have any education in music or are you self-taught?


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                Absolutely, that is a fun score to listen to (Anarchy being a favorite cue!).

                That's fantastic you have a chance to use real musicians. I am sure 90% of the time we are all stuck in the digital realm, but nothing resonates better than those instruments live.

                I will have to check out Eastwest composer cloud, sounds like something I could use! The DAW I use is called an Aria engine, and its coupled with Garritan Personal orchestra. It's a perfect balance between cost and quality of instruments so far (some of these libraries can get pretty expensive!).

                Musically I am self taught, I can really only play piano, and not even that well honestly. But through the many books I've read and mistakes Iv'e made, I've been able to bridge that gap enough to crank out something musically oriented haha~ I've been listening to film scores since I was twelve, and just started exploring and studying them since. I've only been writing for about 8 years now, it takes time to catch up to everyone else who have been inundated for a much longer time! I do have a B.A. in Film, so between those two I understand scoring fairly well haha.

                Have you ever collaborated with anyone with orchestral stuff?


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                  Sandman's score of The Farm has worked out really well for the film I am the Director. I also shot and edited the film. It has been an Official Selection in 15 film festivals, and I am sure Sandman's score has plenty to do with that. It also has a number of nominations for carious aspects of filmmaking. Here is a collage of the film festivals it has been selected for. Most are in the US but one was in London, England and another in Venice, Italy.


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                    This was such a fun project to work on, especially with you Steve! I haven't gotten a chance since to revisit the horror genre. I actually watched this online a few weeks back with someone, they hadn't seen it yet and didn't believe I had scored something haha.

                    I actually did the thing we all probably do, I started thinking how I would have done the score differently, places to improve timing, new melodies, all that jazz. Having watching it since, have you ever thought what you would have done differently with it? Always curious~


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                      I like "Lumina" for a suspenseful scene...It's interesting because it doesn't necessarily need to be for a suspenseful film, just a scene that builds climax to tell the cinematic dramatic story, then it brings you to a conclusion that everything is ok...for now. I would like to use this piece if I may. Let me know your thoughts and or options.


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                        There’s something special when music is performed by another person and how they are able to express the music in ways technology can’t quite do.
                        Must be nice to have studied film, I guess that should help a lot when you are creating the musical score. In the end the best way to get better as a composer is to keep creating, but one of the best things with my studies is to be able to meet other composers, students and teachers, to discuss our music and creativity. There seems to be many similarities but also differences in our ways to write music, I always find that very interesting :) I’ve done some musical collaborations, it’s nice when I get stuck to have someone else bringing up ideas, but it also gets difficult sometimes to fuse together different ideas and our personal musical “voices”. Do you write music outside of scoring for film?