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Whats is your best place to go when choosing royalty free music for your projects?

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  • Whats is your best place to go when choosing royalty free music for your projects?

    Hello, guys, the title says it pretty much all ... When are you choosing sound and music for your project which site is the best for your film and video? I am doing report from the event and I would like to choose from some royalty free music. If not free I don't mind getting to know even the paid one music libraries.

    thank you so much appreciate it

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    There are a few links on this forum, also check out this web page, it has many links to royalty free music.


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      I've had good success reaching out personally to musicians I know, who are often thrilled to have their music included in a movie.
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        When I need custom music I tap artists for material. If I need orchestral music I go to the internet for royalty free stuff. Many times you can use a classical piece like Beethoven's 9th played by a top notch philharmonic for a mere $100 or less.


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          Go to Videoblocks and sign up for the 7 day free trial, download all you can for free, as well as your license to use the music. You are restricted to so many downloads a day. That's not a problem. Nice way to build a library. I would cancel my account on the 6th day to avoid any problem. You will then get some emails offering a "better" deal for an account than the regular cost, and then you will get yet another email where they practically give away a full year's cost.

          Do the free trial, delete the forth coming emails, and be happy.

          Another place for music is . This is Kevin Macleod's website. I am sure you've seen his name on many videos. He has created tons of free music to use in your videos. All you have to do is put his name in the credits. If you feel moved to donate you can do that too.

          That's good for general use, and some other uses. Sometimes you have to tweak them in some way (edit) to make it work in your project.

          The way to get the best music is to work with a composer/recorder. Music that is composed to your specific edited scene "feels" the best because it was created completely from your scene, to fit your scene, and give THAT scene the right feel.