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Music/ Underscore for Documentary Film to be broadcast on NGC

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  • Paid Job Music/ Underscore for Documentary Film to be broadcast on NGC

    Dear members,

    I was interested to find someone who can do the music for our Documentary film? This documentary film is schedule to go on air on National Geographic Channel in South Asian countries. We were looking to have someone who could do the music not necessarily compose one but use the royalty free music pieces and add it to the visuals.

    The skills require of someone who understands music and can define scores to portray as required for a particular visual/ scene/ mood/ theme of the film and so on.

    Happy to connect and please do let me know.

    Warm regards,

    Shubhra Ghosh

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    Hello Shubhra, my name is Cal McCarthy, I am a frequent wallflower on this site and noticed your post regarding an underscore for a documentary.

    I am a composer and have been writing for about ten years now. I have a few projects under my belt including a couple of short films, score trailer cues, a feature, and some stock music others use for commercials and media alike. I even scored National Geographic footage for a scoring contest.

    Any who, I have made a software and hardware upgrade lately which has significantly improved the quality of my music. I noticed you are contemplating using royalty free music; this would be fine, however employing the use of a specifically scored cue reinforces the theme of the documentary from beginning to end. It's also a relatively short stones throw to create the music in contrast to sifting through countless stock cues. A custom score brings class and specificity to the subject material.

    I have a reel and sample cues on my site, there are a couple of recent cues on my front page. If you feel we would be able to collaborate on some music, shoot me a message back! Thanks for your time, take care.

    Cal McCarthy


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      I am a Director who has worked with Cal. He scored "Ghost Walk: The Farm," which I Directed, shot, and edited. The film is a 45 minute horror film that has been accepted as an Official Selection at 13 film festivals in the US, UK, and Italy. It has won "Best Horror Short" at an International festival, and has been nominated for Best Short Film, Best Cinematography, and others.

      I feel Cal's score was an intergral part of the success of this film and I highly recommend him.

      Steve Olander