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  • Composer looking for placement of tracks

    Hi. My name is Ameet Sharma. Here's my soundcloud link:



    Looking to place these tracks in film or other media. $50 per track for use in one project (any media related to that one project, ie: a movie and all trailers related to the same movie etc.). Looking for non-exclusive placements.

    I've got a lot of new age piano music. Some of these tracks have already been used.

    Thanks for checking out my music.

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    Ameet, it sounds like your compositions are all midi music, and older midi sounds at that. If this were 5 or 6 years ago or more you would find people interested in your music, but now there are a number of places where people can get music made with real instrumental sounds that are of higher quality, and some for free. You will be hard pressed to find a filmmaker who would use your music in their film and even harder to find anyone willing to pay $50 to do so.

    You are talented though, and you should look to upgrade to better composition software in order to be able to offer music that is on par with what is available today.

    Good luck,



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      Thanks for the feedback and suggestions Steve.