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composer available for your film... Orchestra, Gypsy Jazz & more !

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  • composer available for your film... Orchestra, Gypsy Jazz & more !

    Hello !
    I'm a guitarist looking to build his 'music for film' portfolio, so i'm available to work on any kind of project, if it's serious !
    I can make orchestra, electro, sound design, pop, and i'm a huge fan of gypsy jazz... see my work here:

    my soundcloud:

    I just finished this score for maximall short film have a listen :)

    Contact me for any type of work... !

    Have Fun

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    Nice score. The sad part is that short could have easily been shot in live action instead of crappy CGI and would have been much much better as a result.


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      HELLO & Thx for your answer ! i did this score as it was choosen for a film score contest last year... :)
      if you have other ideas or contest !!? i want to build a cool portfolio...

      i'm not sure, but what is live action and CGI ?? (sorry if i sound like a noob, i'm just a composer ! :) not graphic designer... )

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        The sound was great. Excellent music.

        That video is a take off on a Pixar short I think. I know I've seen something extremely similar (If not the same exact thing) I just don't remember where. It's like Deja Vu.

        BTW: Paris is the most beautiful city I've ever been to. LOVE IT!