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    As a composer\orchestrator, I have my own 'sound'. In the same way that John Williams and Danny Elfman have a 'sound'.

    If one pays any attention at all, he can sit through a trailer before a feature film and know that the score was done by Danny Elfman.. Dark.. Sinister.. and a twisted playfulness.

    BUT... We all have our influences. Now, it's my personal belief that I'm never to try to sound 'like' someone else... nor do I try... But influenced? Absolutely!!

    James Newton Howard, James Horner, Jerry Goldsmith (RIP), Alan Menken, Alan Silvestri, even John Tesh (yes... THAT John Tesh).

    When someone's music gives you goosebumps, like it or not, you've been influenced. Maybe it was something about the way the violins were massaging your heart... or the way the horns reflect the courage of a fallen soldier... or an electric guitar ripping out your ear drums... or the sorrow of a Native American flute... or all of the above.

    So, to the composers out there... Which other composers do you admire or take inspiration from?

    I'm certainly curious.
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    "The fine art of storytelling through music".. for demos

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    I wonder why this is not making it to the top of the list on the home page? I will work on that
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      Thanks, Nick!
      "The fine art of storytelling through music".. for demos


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        as far as film composers go: Bernard Herrmann, Miklos Rozsa, Alfred and Thomas Newman are pretty influential to me

        now in general: Igor Stravinsky, Franz Shubert, George Rochberg (after 1941) Erik Satie... I love many different aspects of expanded tonality and chromaticism - composer and collaborator