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  • Composer looking for collaboration

    My first post here so hello :)

    I'm interested to write music for a short film. Here are examples of my music:


    and here's more classical composition:

    I'm not after money, just think that combination of visual and music is powerful so would like to contribute to something interesting.

    If you're interested, please contact me :)

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    Good stuff. Stick around. I am sure you will get some collaborations going.


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      Thanks Mick :)


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        The video song sounds very nice. But, the pianos working against each other would make it hard to place in film. I'm not saying you're looking to put this piece of music in a film. But, it is your example of what you can.

        As a piece of stand alone music it's very nice.

        Music for film usually flows. As instruments and parts enter they compliment what's already playing. When that second part enters, it sounds great, but it bounces off the first piano. If behind moving images, I wouldn't know the mood it's representing.

        You can play though. Very nice. Are you in Jersey?


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          thanks for listening my music and kind words UniqueAmI.

          You're right, what I posted might not fit as a score but I don't have anything composed specifically for a film. So, I decided to post what I have to show what quality could be expected of me :)

          No, I live in UK


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            There's a website where you can put in a youtube html and download that video.

            I have a channel -

            There's a lot of Disney videos plus quite a few vacation - Luray Caverns - BlueRidge Mountain - driving videos. Look through a few.

            Download the video (I think there's a setting where you can just download the video) and write some music for it. It'll give you practice, and possibly make yourself a few youtube videos.


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              Thanks UniqueAmI, I'll give it a go :)