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  • No Pay Job High Quality Sound Mix Needed

    Hi everyone,

    Been a while since I posted here. A film I'm producing needs a little audio polish and I'm hoping somebody out there can help us out. Even though we can't offer you a big payday, we can offer you exposure. Our sales agent from our last film is interested in taking a look at this one for us, so we have a line open on distribution, and if he decides he wants it, that's a guaranteed presence at the European Film Market, the American Film Market, and the Marche du Filme in Cannes.

    The film in question is a feature-length dark comedy-thriller. The majority of the the audio was captured cleanly on-set, with two sequences needing minor ADR, which we have recorded. We have sound effects and score, but it really needs a final, professional quality sound mix...basic cleanup, noise reduction, compression, etc.,... to put it over the top.

    We're looking to get the film ready for the American Film Market next month if at all possible. We know it's short notice for that, and we apologize, but even if we miss AFM we'll be set for EFM in February, and our agent would be working in the meantime. So if you're interested at all, here's your call to action.

    PM me and we'll talk. Also I'll absolutely answer any questions you may have, either here or in PM.