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syncing music video tracks

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  • syncing music video tracks

    Hello everyone,
    I just did a music video involving the same person playing 3 parts of the same tune, it was a lot more difficult than we both thought!
    She had to listen to a separate recording of the first track, using an earbud whilst playing the second track and so on.
    Does anyone on here have any experience of this sort of task and are we going the right way with the listening and playing set-up.
    Any tips would be appreciated, we are having a re-run this Sunday 6th.

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    If I am understanding you correctly, you are doing a split screen music video with the same artist playing 3 roles. If that is the case there is no need for her to perform to the last video recording as far as singing goes as all of the clips will be edited together anyway. You will handle the timing in the edit. You can just play the music in the room while she lip syncs to it.

    Now if she is interacting with herself between clips then that is another story.



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      Thanks Steve,
      You're quite right it will be a split screen instrumental, I can't think of any other way of her playing at the same pace unless she listens and plays along with a previous recording.
      I can sync up the three pieces in edit, I mean start them on the correct beat but when you say 'You will handle the timing in the edit' is that what you meant? or have I missed something?
      We don't plan on any interacting, thanks again for your response.


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        Ah, no, we are talking about 2 different things. I did not realize that she was actually playing while on camera. I thought she was just going to "perform" the 3 separate parts of an already finished audio recording.

        I have seen a number of videos where 1 person plays a number of different instruments with themselves. I knew that had to be a more complex process than it appears on the surface because in the beginning the person has the least amount of music to play to. I've always been impressed by these videos because I know it takes more than people would think to be able to achieve.

        If I were doing it I would have the musician play the melody first. I am not a musician but I would think it would be easiest to play the ancillary instruments that have a part that supports the melody this way than playing an instrument where the tune is unrecognizable because those parts sound more obscure by themselves. This is just my opinion. It may be easiest to do the beat first and then the melody, and then the ancillary instruments. You may be best to ask the musician what is easiest for her.



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          Thanks for the post Steve, I've just got back from doing it and we came up with more or less what you suggested, we used a constant beat for the bass track (that's as far as we got!) But now that track is ready to play along with as the background for her alone to listen to while she plays the melody line master track. that will have a sync mark at the beginning for me to sync the following track to before she listens for her own count-in so she can begin on the beat for her following track and so on.
          Least that's the plan! I took lots of lights because the hall was a dingy spot but they just decorated it brilliant white, what a difference, hardly needed extra light at all.