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Looking for a composer for short films/videos

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  • Looking for a composer for short films/videos

    Hello Forum! I'm looking for a composer who can develop a score for any type of genre. I make short videos/films on my YouTube channel which is in my profile. I need a guy/girl who is able to be relied on for any project, someone I can trust when it comes with music.


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    Welcome to Filmmaker forum I think you will enjoy it here and if you have questions make sure you ask around lots of good people here


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      Hey Jared!

      I think I may be able to be of assistance. I am quite a versatile composer and able to score for a variety of genres, from a more Hollywood-style score to a simpler, minimalist one.

      Looking for work so I'm also very reasonable with pricing.

      Check out my website and see what you think.
      http:// /tomburchellcomposer


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        Hi Jared,

        I'd be interested. I checked out Stranded and found it pretty funny! Especially the "subtitled" accent lol! Ha! Samples of my work, resume, and testimonials are at my site and my extended portfolio is at my SoundCloud

        Hope to hear from you!


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          I just sent you a PM, take a look at there, and feedback me... Thanks in advance.


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            Give my work a listen here:



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              I have some work on Soundcloud I could share. My music can be found under Empty Zen.


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                I compose original music for film/ video etc. please check out the library on my site and don't hesitate to contact me for custom music/ foley for your projects. Thanks, Mark


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                  Hey Jared~

                  I just recently joined this website; I was reading through some posts and came across yours. In regards to music, what sort of sound are you looking for? I am always looking for projects to be apart of and if my style is your cup of tea, I'd be delighted to provide music on a regular basis. Any who, hit me up sometime if you're interested!