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What Is The Process With A Composer?

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  • What Is The Process With A Composer?

    Hi, I have almost finished edited my film and I am in talks with a composer so I was wondering how he scores the film? Do I email him the whole film and then he attaches the music and he sends that back over? Or does he watch it, and then he sends over the music in separate files or in one big bulk etc. I have no idea! If someone could clear up what I do and how I do it, that would be great.

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    He needs to see each scene to get the feeling of the scene. He needs to see what emotion you are trying to convey and then he can compose appropriate score for that scene. So yes he needs the whole movie. He will then score the film on separate files that you will add to the film with your editor.


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      Not sure what you're asking. But for the sake of discussion...
      It's your film and I can't believe you don't have strong ideas about what kind of scoring will support it. So you need a spotting session with your composer. Maybe it's a Skype conversation with a shared screen, so you can look at the film together, with timecode, and the two of you discuss what music should go where and what it should sound like, and what it should achieve for you, and you both can write down the entry and exit points in the timecode for music. Your composer leaves the spotting session with a list of deliverables -- cues and the creative direction that goes with them. And you with a good idea of what you expect to get from him.
      Then when he sends you the cues as individual files, they have defined time code start points, and you can drop them in.