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  • Paid Job Draco Nared - Professional Composer For You


    Are you looking for a professional composer for your project?
    I would like to offer you my skills. I am experienced in making orchestral and electronic pieces, as well as a mix of both. For last couple of years I have worked with several independent filmmakers, game producers and other clients. My skills cover various styles and moods in music – from terrifying horror to joyful adventure, from peaceful to dark and epic heroic. Therefore I am able to compose music that fits what you are looking for.
    I am a very reliable person. I work fast and always deliver the best end-product quickly. I am very communicative person and always make sure that my music satisfies my clients and meets their expectations.
    Here are some examples of my work:
    You can find more music on my channel on youtube:
    If you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them. You can contact me via PM or e-mail: contact[at]

    Looking forward to your messages and sending regards, :)
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    Hello, everyone! A composer is still looking for work. :)
    Here are some updates since my last post:
    First of all, I had an opportunity to write an orchestral score for a short animated film by Tomek Dutkiewicz: Creation
    I also uploaded a track I wrote as a main theme for a game developer some time ago: Vision Runner Extended Main Theme
    What's more, I wrote a space opera track: Gravity Well
    Finally, here's a music write for a client: Eternal Legion

    I hope you'll like them all. Looking forward to hearing from you :)


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      I love your work but I don't believe I'm currently in a position to be able to afford the things you do. At least I don't think so.


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        Sent you a PM ;)


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          Nice work, I'll keep you in mind for future projects.



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            Hi, everyone.
            Still looking for work ;)

            Here are some updates from me.
            A month ago I took part in a competition. Though I didn't make it to the final round, I am happy with what I made. Here's one part of my submission, music made for 'Destiny' animated film (film by Fabien Weibel and his team).
            I also had an opportunity to score almost 15 minutes of music for gameplay prototype videos of 'Sacred Agony', a survival horror video game project. Here is a playlist of my soundtrack.

            Looking forward to hearing from you ;)


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              Hey. I'll give you some work. I have a few weddings scheduled for this year. Do you have any music in mind I can use for the highlights?


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                I am available for work if you are looking for a composer

                Hi, everyone.
                Still looking for work ;)

                A very big update this time: after 3 years I finally finished an hour long album. It's called 'Circle Of Light' and is inspired by militaristic science fiction themes. Although it was composed to follow a story (written in a description below the video), it contains images rather than illustrations.

                I hope you will enjoy it
                Looking forward to your responses and sending regards :)


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                  Hi, everyone!
                  I am available for work if you need music for your project. :D
                  Here are some updates from my channel:
                  First, an epic trailer fantasy music - 'A Prayer For Warriors'.
                  Also, there's a new sci-fi piece of music, 'Dreams Of Supergiant', that will probably appear on a new album in near future.
                  Finally, I uploaded a horror ambient track, 'Fields Of The Dead', I wrote for a contest.

                  I hope you will enjoy the music and I'm looking forward to your responses :)
                  Sending regards,