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Sound engineer looking to help out on your projects!

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  • Sound engineer looking to help out on your projects!

    Hey fellow filmmakers,

    My name's Braden (Aka Armada Five Sound Design). I'm a freelance sound designer and electronic music producer here to help anyone looking for custom soundtracks, scores, or sound effects for any genre!

    I have a fair amount of experience creating custom soundtracks and effects for films, as I make my own music for my own films and have helped a few friends. I'm really looking to get into broadening my horizons by reaching out to filmmakers like yourselves. I'm a really easy going guy and am decently priced (mostly because I know the struggle of producing films without breaking the bank also!) I've attached some samples of a few pieces I've done in the past for different genres to the bottom of the post. If you would like to hear more, contact me through email or my website (links at bottom of post). Also, these are totally custom sounds your getting. Everything I create is created, mixed, and mastered by me!

    I do project review for no charge and with no commitment, so If your interested or have any questions at all, contact me either at bslonaker123[at], or through my website

    Looking forward to hearing from you all and helping you with your scores!

    *I may not check this post very often, so don't hesitate to email me for the quickest reply!

    *p.s. If your into electro house music, find me on Soundcloud!

    Hall Monitor (1).mp3
    Not Quite Over.mp3
    Persia (1).mp3
    No More Words Build.mp3
    CinematicHit02 (1).mp3

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    Awesome. :)