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  • No Pay Job Fresh composer looking for experience

    Hi. My name is Radek. I'm a pianist and a guitarist, and I have been playing around with orchestral samples for a year now. I've been composing since I grabbed a good hold of piano basics, and now I am looking for some short indie films to score. I have however completely no experience in working with film. That's why I want to score some films for free - because I want to get some experience. I do not, however, guarantee anything. I can only promise you I'll do my best.

    So, if you're on little or no budget and need some music for your film - maybe instead of going through thousands and thousands of free pieces on the internet just give me a chance to score it for you. You don't like my music - you can throw it away and use those royalty-free tracks :).

    Few samples:

    E-mail: radoslaw.stepinski[at]