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50s/60s Style Arrangements?

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  • 50s/60s Style Arrangements?

    Anyone here capable of creating 50s/60s style arrangements for songs?

    I have songs with my TERRIBLE OFF-KEY crooning that I'd like to have rearranged to those eras.

    Anyone think they're able to accomplish this?

    If you're good you'd easily be able to take my crap vocals and know what notes I'm trying to hit. Every singer I've worked with has taken my crap vocals and either goes up or down a half step. I'm very pitchy.

    Every once in a rare while they'll say "that's not a note of any sort". Then it's guess work.

    It's funny when I was in a band our vocalist had a stellar tone (and was gorgeous), but was always off-key like myself, and we shared vocals on many of the songs. A reviewer said "The stand-out is the exceptional vocals". Sometimes it's all in the attitude. I had the attitude. So much so, many audience members wouldn't approach me (which is a shame because I'm nice) but would have great things to say about me to the rest of the band.