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Replicating voice distortion

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  • Replicating voice distortion

    Hey guys, I'm shooting a horror film for Halloween, and for the last scene, I want the voice of the actor to go from normal to distorted, but in a creepy way. The best example I could find of what I wanted to achieve is from Coraline at 1:11 I'd like to know how to create a smooth transistion from normal to distorted, rather than normal right to distored from one word to another. Thanks!

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    Great piece of animation, as for a voice change, the only thing I can think of is to use another voice, sound dissolving on the word where you want the change.
    I don't think it would process very well from the same voice file.
    Alternatively if you could get in touch with the original woman V.O. artist and ask her if she could do the lines with the changes you want.
    V.O. artists are usually very versatile at producing different voice sounds, then, if needed, you could do a little processing and it might go unnoticed.
    Hope there's something there for you.


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      Ideally I would like to do this maybe through a program? What do you mean by sound dissolving?