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Short Film Composer looking for some fun new projects!

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  • Short Film Composer looking for some fun new projects!

    Hey Filmmakers forum! My name is Ethan and I'm a hobbyist music composer looking for some interesting film projects. I've worked on scores for all sorts of video games and short films, although I have the most experience in the thriller and drama genres. I have a decent amount of free time this summer between semesters and I'd be happy to help any of you guys score a film or two.

    You can check out samples of some of the stuff I've done over at Soundcloud. *Note that these are all actual scores for short films, and not just random tracks that I've put together.

    Horror/Thriller (Hitchcock mode):

    Motivational/Dramatic Piano:

    If you're interested, send me an email at ereveresmith[at] or a PM and I'd love to continue from there! Thanks a lot. Also, I am NOT currently charging for my services.

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    You have some dope music!!! PM me so i can give you my email address and we can talk from there.