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Composer looking to round out his demo reel with some material

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  • Composer looking to round out his demo reel with some material

    Hi all. I am a composer who is looking to add to my demo reel, and am in need of a medium to high-quality short film (or a small bit of a larger film) to score, and then add to said reel. In the perfect world, the film (or clip) would be in the 2-3 min. range, and would require a good, top-notch orchestral-based score to compliment it. The film/clip with music will be displayed on my website, and also my DVD reel that will be sent to directors, producers, studios, ad agencies, etc. You will receive credit, so the person viewing knows who the filmmaker is.

    I am hopeful that there is some filmmaker out there with some material that I can write music to, and then have for my reel. You will be free to use the music that I write with your film, and publicly display it on your site, reel, etc. If you have a film longer than 2-3 min, like the music that I write, and then decide you want music for the entire film, that is something we can discuss.

    If I have any takers here, please send me a pm, and I will send you a link to some of my work, should you want to see any first. Please only pm me if you have something that is either finished, or in the works and nearing completion. Also, please do not pm me if you have no website, nor some previous material for me to look at. Basically, I want to know that you are legit, and that you have at least some experience as a filmmaker. Any pms sent without a link to current/previous work will be passed by.

    I look forward to hearing from you people, and seeing your work! :)

    Thank you for taking the time to read.
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