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Do You Need A Composer? Well, Say " Hello" to Me!

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  • Do You Need A Composer? Well, Say " Hello" to Me!

    About Me

    My name is Jessica Sharp, and I would love to develop a music score for an indie film maker. I have been a huge movie score fan since, I heard Jurassic Park's theme song. The Borne Trilogy movies soundtracks are my favorite (I am an odd ball). Since, I am just a beginner, I do not have a resume. I would like to gain lots of experience so, I can build up my resume and portfolio.

    The Type of Music

    The type of music I make is usually dark or action driven. I compose lots of heavy percussion, drum, and base tracks; along with ambient sounds. The genres I would use my music in is, action, adventure, mystery, and thriller.

    Music Samples The songs that you should listen to are The Dangerous Game Ever Played (inspired by a short story I read in high school: The Most Dangerous Game) Mystery Thriller, and Come on(its a riff that I came up with literally 10 mins ago).


    Since, I am just a beginner I will work for free! But, each track will only be 1-2 minutes 30 secs long. All I ask is that my name is in the credits.


    (440) 941-6015

    I am looking forward to hear from you soon.

    Jessica Sharp
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