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    Hey Filmmaker community,

    I realize there are a ton of Composers on this forum, so I'll keep this brief!

    My name is Megan McDuffee, and I'm a classically-trained Composer for all different types of media (Film, Video Games, Advertisements, etc.). My credentials include a Bachelor of Arts in Film Scoring, and a Master's Certificate from the Berklee School of Music in Orchestration for Film and TV. I've worked on all sorts of productions, big and small. My style is usually orchestral and electronic, with a dark and melodic aesthetic. However, I can do a variety of other musical genres as well, so just let me know what you're in the market for!

    I've found myself with some actual time, so I'd love to see/hear about what productions you're working on. My website just had a great overhaul, so please have a listen or look at my work if you're interested:

    My rates are negotiable to fit many budgets. Looking forward to collaborating! :)

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    Hey Meg, long time no see :)

    Glad you are back to being active. I see tons of posts of people looking for composers here so keep an eye out!
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      Thanks Nick, yeah! It's good to be back. I'll definitely keep my eyes peeled.


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        i checked out your website sounds great especially the epic stuff...i am a composer also and have a quick question for you ...what VST Pulg-ins do you use??


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          Hi Cole,

          Thank you! I use a number of them, but mostly EWQL symphonic orchestra, LA Scoring Strings, 8Dio Hybrid Tools, Cinesamples Drums of War, and Camel Audio Alchemy.