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Looking for Free Composer for Short that has been selected to a Festival.

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  • Looking for Free Composer for Short that has been selected to a Festival.

    It's me again. I am looking to work with a composer for my short film From the Core. From the Core is a zombie short film that has been selected to be shown at the Bad Film Fest in Brooklyn this April. The score on the film does not fit my tastes for the film and I would like someone with experience in horror to recompose it or someone interested in trying to compose horror. I have 12 days before I need the music back to me. So I am giving two days to find a composer and that will leave them 10 days to compose it and send it back to me.

    If you have no experience doing horror please inbox me your ideas for the soundtrack. It is a big plus if you can add sound effects such as crows and other horror sounds as well. You can view the film below. Since this is being shown at a festival there will be an IMDb credit for the composer.

    If you're interested leave me links to your works here or as mentioned above send me your ideas via inbox if you have no experience in horror composing.



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    Hey there,

    I'm a composer and here's a link to my soundcloud:

    I've not scored for horror before BUT, I used to make a lot of darker sounding music. Some examples are linked below if you're interested:

    Lately I've found myself doing more orchestral-based music (as you can see on my soundcloud), but if you think I could make what you're looking for, feel free to get in touch.