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I'm a composer looking for experience in film scoring.

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  • I'm a composer looking for experience in film scoring.

    Hey there, my name is Brett (I compose under the names In Contrast/ICSoundtracks). I posted a similar topic to this in the general section of the forum a while ago, then I realized that it probably makes more sense to post it here in the Composing/Score section.

    I'm aspiring to be a composer for film, TV and game. However, in order to get there, I need a portfolio of films etc that have my score on them. For this reason, I'm willing to work for free and just receive credit for the score. I write mainly orchestral music with some darker foundsound/electronic music too. If you have a short film that's in need of a score, take a listen to some of my work and if you think I could be of use to you, feel free to get in touch! I'm friendly, I promise :)

    Listen to my music here:
    If you're interested, contact me on icsoundtracks[at]

    Thank you for your time,

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    I'm interested. I've got a big cyberpunk project coming up and I'm looking for a composer who would be free to hire and then possible get a share of the prophet, so I'll keep you as a possibility. :)


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      Hey guys,

      Thought it would be a good idea to update this post to bump it and show you guys some of my recent work.

      Stagecraft is a short animation created be an animation student, I composed the music for it using Joe Hisaishi (Studio Ghibli) as an influence.

      The Adventures of Ozzy the Cat is a short series of stories I wrote, it consists of four 'episodes'. I composed music to help the audience visualise the story.