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Need a composer for Film.

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  • Need a composer for Film.

    I need someone interested in redoing the music in this short film. Ugh sorry about the title. I wasnt paying attention while typing obviously.

    If you are interested please respond here or private message me. I need the music by the 24th at the latest.

    Thanks for your interest.

    Jeff Thompson

    *This is not the music for the final film. Just music I selected for the Teaser.*
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    Hi Jeff

    I would be interested, please message me if you think I'd be suitable.



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      Hello Jeff,

      As jrees26 said, I would be interested, please message me if you think I'd be suitable.



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        I've checked both your works and you both have a good sound but neither of your really have anything horror sounding. Please inbox me the ideas you have for the film. Thanks for responding.


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          Hi, i would be very interested in composing the music for this. here are two of my most appropriate links:

          Feel free to get in touch if you are interested.


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            Hi Jeff,

            Cool film. I'd be happy to work with you on this. Here is a link to my website:


            Here is a link to a suspense/horror cue I recently wrote (although slower than the temp music you used):


            And here is a link to several other cue's I've written lately.


            Let me know if you are interested.

            All the best,



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              Thank you all for your interest in this short. Sorry I did not respond to each one of you personally but I did find a composer for the soundtrack for my film. I went with Jrees26 and I highly recommend him for anyone needing music in the future. He was a pleasure to work with. I can't post the new short yet but if Jrees26 wants he can post his composition for the film for future reference.


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                Sounds good, thanks for the update. Looking forward to hearing and seeing the finished film and congrats to both you and Jrees26!