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Can anybody help answer this question?

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  • Can anybody help answer this question?

    Hi guys, I've recently been throwing around ideas for my first attempt at filmmaking and I've just thought of a potential issue.

    The project I'm working on is a short film that I intend to enter into film festivals etc once complete. However the issue I have is that the entire story centres around the song Riders of the Storm by The Doors. I intend to play sections of the song (about a minute at the most) on two seperate occasions. Without this I would have to completely rewrite the script (maybe even ditch it completely)

    My question is - would I be allowed to play the song without facing any legal action? Or would I need permission to use the song from the owners? I'm sure that if it was for a feature film that I intended to get distributed and make money off, then I would need permission. But I'm unsure about a short film which has no financial gain.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated and I apologise if this is a stupid question and also if it has been answered before (I'm new to the site and struggling to find my way around!)

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    You need permission to use any copyright work. Either remove it and rewrite or ditch the script. Don't think about using the music without permission. There truly is no such thing as Fair Use. This applies to features or shorts.


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      Hello Apprentice,
      Definitely you need to pay for copyrights. Instead of this you can use royalty free music. You can find a better deal for your purpose in there.

      Feel free to explore my portfolio through my website:

      I'm not specialist in that genre you looking for, but i can compose something for your needs.



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        I'll see what I can do. Thanks for the advice!


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          All author music have a own rights. So, i think you can't use any author music for free ;) If u'll deal with author about ammount, then u can use it. GOOD LUCK!


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            The next best thing you could do would be to make a variation on the tune. I believe you will need to change the chord structure and three notes on the melody line, as well as the lyrics.

            There are many composer here on FMF, ask one of them.