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Music Composer/Producer here - Want completely original music for your film/project?

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  • Music Composer/Producer here - Want completely original music for your film/project?

    It doesn't matter if you have something specific in mind, or have no clue as to what you want. I can write for big groups, small groups, rock groups, jazz groups, dainty string quartet or an epic orchestral soundtrack. I've been composing for several years and have plenty of experience in composing/arranging and producing tracks for games/movies/tv as well as live performance and I'm always looking for new opportunities. So hit me up!

    Here are a few samples. Each sample track contains several 20-30 second clips from several different tracks.

    Orchestral Music Compilation:

    Light-Hearted Game Music Compilation:

    Ambient/Scene Music:

    Various other non game-relate tracks can also be heard at . I'm running out of Soundcloud upload space, so if there is a certain style of track you'd like to hear, or would like to hear more of a particular style, I may be able to send you something that's not posted here.

    Most of this music is already licensed, so any music I write for you would be completely new and original. Pricing varies depending on the project, but I am very flexible and can work with nearly any budget to fit your needs. Turn-around time is very fast on projects, and I'll work with the best of my ability to meet your needs. You can also check out my resume, which includes customer reviews:

    If you are interested in having my produce music for your project, please message me here or at[at] and we can go from there! And just for good measure, here's my [Facebook Page]( and [YouTube Page]( Feel free to 'Like' my pages if you feel so inclined! ;)

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    Hi guys!

    I welcome all the filmmakers on the forum. Give me a feedback, if you have already worked with me or want to cooperate.

    If you are interested in exclusive music, listen my music :

    Chek My Portfolio:

    My Trending Track: